Moulding Tools. It Takes the Perfect Tools to Achieve the Perfect Results

One of the things that make HN Group truly unique in plastic production is our in-house tool production department.

The department employs 12 toolmakers and 3 specialists who deal with maintenance and priming of both our own moulds and tools ordered from external tool manufacturers, including from producers in China.

Tool Design

Our experienced toolmakers have an enormous expertise in the design, manufacture, testing and evaluation of injection moulding tools for all types of plastic parts imaginable.

Designs are made in 3D CAD, and our toolmakers can then choose among 10 different processing facilities to produce the ready tool. Whatever the nature of the job, this is why we are always capable of creating a perfect tool – including trial tools and prototype tools.

Short Distance from Idea to Production

With tool production and injection moulding under the same roof, we can offer customers very short ramp-up times. We take advantage of this, e.g. for rapid prototyping and other jobs where a short Time to Market is a business critical parameter.

Punching Tools for In-Line Production

In addition to moulding tools, we are also specialised in the design and manufacture of custom-made punching tools. These are part of integrated moulding processes where, for example punched metal parts are moulded into plastic components. This guarantees maximum precision and fewer changeovers of production.

Close to the Customers

When our toolmakers develop new tools for a customer, they always remain in close and direct contact with all relevant staff at this customer throughout the whole development process. This ensures as direct communication as possible and minimises the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

Direct customer contact and compliance with the principle that designers design, test and evaluate their own tools also contributes to far greater ownership of individual projects. Each individual tool designer is therefore held accountable for his or her own projects. From start to finish.

Priming of Tools

The tool production department primes all tools before they are fitted to any of our 52 moulding machines. Priming comprises cleaning of the mould and, for moulding tools from China, installation of hydraulic and electric components to ensure optimum quality and function.

Installation, Testing and Service

Once a tool has been primed, the toolmaker in charge takes part in a test at the moulding machine where the tool will be used. If there are any subsequent problems with the tool, the operator of the respective production cell can quickly seek solutions in cooperation with the toolmaker, thereby minimising any stoppages.

Take Advantage of Us

Our toolmakers / designers always stand at your service with advice and recommendations if you want to start a new plastic production. Get in touch with us to arrange an informal meeting, and we will take it from there!