Injection Moulding Perfection from Idea to Ready Product

HN Group injection moulding

30 sec. film

Whatever injection-moulded components you may need, we stand ready to tackle the job on one of our 50+ high-tech injection moulding machines.

Our year-long experience, our in-depth know-how, our well-trained staff, our in-house tool production department, our lean production setup and, in particular, our indomitable will to tackle even the most demanding of challenges serve as your guarantee for a perfect result in the highest of quality. Every time.

Tap into Our Knowledge about Plastic

If you need consulting in or professional feedback on, e.g. material selection, production method, post-processing, moulding tools, design, function or anything else, we are always ready to sit down and have a chat with all relevant employees in your company. And it is often in the earliest stages of a customer project that we add visible value and ensure that both product and production are going in the optimum direction from the very start.

Simple? Advanced? We Cover the Whole Spectrum!

HN Group covers all production needs, e.g.

  •  high-volume serial production
  • low-volume production with the shortest time to market possible
  • prototypes
  • zero series
  • trial tools
  • post-processing of moulded parts

In addition to producing individual components in small and large order sizes, we have the necessary expertise to solve more demanding tasks, e.g.

  • advanced 2K and 3K pieces
  • embedment of components of, e.g. metal, brass, stainless steel and punched parts in one and the same production process

Plastic Is Not Just Plastic

In recent years, many companies have discovered the almost infinite opportunities offered by plastic – also as a financially beneficial replacement of components or ready products which used to be manufactured, e.g. in metal in the past.

Metal components can often be replaced with plastic, and by combining the two types of material in the same process, innovative and unique solutions can be created. Plastic and metal are two completely different materials with very different properties, and the costly metal should only be used where it makes sense and adds value to your product. We mould all sorts of items, from punched brass and German silver components to threaded bushings for polished stainless steel shafts.
Due to our use of robots, a high degree of automation and a resulting low payroll cost component, our end products are both competitively priced and extremely uniform.

The process of innovation is owing by and large to the continuous development and refinement of types of plastic with new, value-adding properties.

At HN Group, you get competent consulting in material selection – and our hi-tech injection moulding machines are naturally capable of processing all types of plastic, from simple PEHD to more advanced types such as, e.g. carbon-reinforced PEEK.