Perfect Plastic Solutions Based on Knowledge, Passion and 30 years of Experience

HN Group is a major supplier of injection-moulded and thermoformed plastic parts for the industry in both Denmark and the rest of Europe. We have customers working in many different industries, for example, medical equipment, food, toys, electronics, hi-fi, automotive, wind and solar power as well as gas and water technology.

The company's operations rest on three pillars:

  1. Injection moulding
  2. Thermoforming
  3. Moulding Tools

And it is exactly because we have all this under our roof that our operations are this solid – including financially. With sound values, competent employees and a burning passion for fulfilling even the most complex desires of our customers, nothing can stop us!

Mission Possible

In our 30-year history as plastic parts manufacturer, fate has sent many different challenges our way. Challenges when it comes to materials, design, properties or production technology. But we have taken on the job every time in the strong belief that everything is possible if we cooperate with our customers. That wherever there is willpower (and knowledge), there is also a way.

The visible outcome of this today is that we are specialists in several complex areas, e.g. embedment of metal parts into plastic components and thermoforming of transport trays to support the automation of production lines, including Pick & Place robots.

Our year-long experience and extensive know-how also mean that customers from many different industries today use us as a sparring partner in their R&D work. Our innovative approach to creating new opportunities with plastic – including for components that have traditionally been produced in metal or other materials – allows us to add value and boost our customers' competitiveness.

Strong Culture

At present, HN Group has 80 employees. A figure that has slowly grown as we have developed our operations by investing in technology, education and a strong employee culture.

It is for the same reason that we are always on the lookout for new talents, both in student environments and in general on the market. We also accept engineering and other science graduates as apprentices and trainees.

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