Consulting. Close Dialogue Produces Perfect Results

HN Group relies, above all, on its people. On skilled employees with broad experience, in-depth know-how and dogged determination to create the best results possible for our clients. Combined with a high-tech production setup and solid financial foundation, this makes us one of the strongest partners in the area of injection-moulded and thermoformed plastic in the industry.

Mission Possible

One of the things that have made HN Group stand out from the rest since we were founded has been our staunch determination to take on even the most impossible jobs. Whether it is the product itself or deadline that makes the mission look like a pain in the neck and forces others to throw in the towel, we are ready to step in. Always.

In all honesty, this approach has indeed dealt us a couple of blows under the waist in the past. However, it has also given us – the hard way – knowledge of plastics and production technology in a number of areas that can be matched by the fewest of our competitors. If any at all.

From Supplier to Partner

As a client of HN Group, you will be able to tap into our know-how and benefit from our lean production setup. And we will get into a close dialogue with your company's R&D, production and marketing to give you as much added value as possible from your plastics.

Our feedback can extend to areas such as

  • material selection (types of plastic)
  • design
  • function
  • tools
  • method of production
  • quality assurance
  • logistics
  • and much more

Contact us if you are facing a challenge and you'd like us to hand in a bid for solving it. And remember: HN Group will never tell you that a job is a "Mission Impossible"!