Production Tools. Perfection from the First to the Last Plastic Component

Depending on the complexity of the part, quality requirements and type of plastic used, moulding tools for production of large quantities can be produced by HN Group's

Own Moulding Tools

Our 12 in-house-based toolmakers design and manufacture moulding tools of the highest quality and with maximum life span.

We can also develop tools for very complex or demanding plastic parts and supply punching tools for integrated production processes where punched metal parts are moulded into plastic components.

Danish Moulding Tools

HN Group has close cooperation with a number of Danish tool manufacturers, all of whom live up to both our own and our customers' quality requirements. Before they are installed and given a trial run, all tools from our Danish suppliers are inspected by HN Group's own toolmakers.

Chinese Moulding Tools

There is some money to be saved if you opt for certain types of moulding tools from our Chinese cooperation partners. Consult our tool specialists, or read more about HN Group's cooperation with carefully selected Chinese tool manufacturers.

What Should I Go For?

The choice of tool supplier is about the following 6 factors:

  • Part's complexity
  • Type of plastic
  • Quantity or life span
  • Price
  • Quality requirements
  • Delivery time (Time to Market)

At HN Group, we are always ready to consult you so you get a tool solution with the greatest ROI possible for the task you have at hand. Get in touch with us for more information.