Tools for Low Volume, 0 Series and Trial Runs. Small Quantities. High Quality. Short Delivery Times

HN Group's in-house tool production department designs and manufactures moulding tools for all types of jobs.

We can produce 0 series and custom small-quantity orders of, e.g. 20,000 pcs, in most types of plastic using a so-called trial tool. This type of tool has a shorter lifetime (measured in number of units produced) than regular production tools, but in return is faster to produce. Our toolmakers can therefore have a production up and running in a rather short time – often less than 2-3 weeks if it is of business critical importance to have the shortest Time to Market (TTM) possible.

With a tool production department on the same premises as our foundry, we can also quickly make adjustments if such are necessary – without having to move the tool more than a couple of metres from the production cell to the workshop.

Have a chat with our tool production department
if there is a specific plastic component you would like to have produced in small quantities and you need it in a jiffy.