Rapid Prototyping. When Speed Is a Decisive Competitive Parameter

Successful product development is often a matter of being able to act – and react – faster than the competitors. About Time to Market (TTM).

Speed is therefore an important parameter for most R&D departments. And this is exactly why our competencies in rapid prototyping have made us a preferred partner for many companies on certain very competitive markets, e.g. medical equipment.

Optimum Moulding Tools

As a rule, rapid prototyping starts in HN Group's in-house tool production department. Our 12 experienced and skilled tool designers are ready to create optimal prototype tools in a close dialogue with your development team – and with speed as a decisive factor at all times.

We also consult in the areas of material selection, design and method of production.

Everything Is Possible – and in a Jiffy!

Our approach to "prototypes in no time" is characterised by flexibility, creativity and staunch determination to reach our objectives. At the same time, our large production capacity and efficient master mould production system means that we can always get trial production under way with as little costly waiting time for the client as possible.

In other words, we are a plastic partner who understands that Time to Market is of a parameter of decisive importance for your business. And who has only one answer to any of the challenges you are facing: Mission possible!

If you would like to know more about rapid prototyping or are confronted with a specific challenge, do not hesitate to contact us. And you are more than welcome to do it in a jiffy!