Embedment of Other Materials. Why Use Several Processes If One Is Enough?

Our cooperation with innovative, visionary customers over the years has helped us build up extensive experience and expertise in moulding together several different components into a single ready part, including embed metal parts and other materials into plastic.

Components we can embed include rotating parts, sintered metal components, bushings, punched parts and other similar metal components. Our tool production department can also design in-line metal punching tools that allow punching directly from the coil and moulding together in the same production process – a unique advantage of working with HN Group.

The result is rather striking. Both when it comes to shorter production times (because of fewer changeovers), greater precision and more uniform quality.

Materials Other Than Metal

In addition to metal parts, our fully automated multi-component moulding can also embed other types of "foreign" materials.

Four of our 52 injection moulding cells are set up to handle embedment in-line. This, along with the valuable know-how we have amassed in cooperation with innovative customers, enables us to "crack" pretty much all "nuts" in the area of embedment, whether tough or not. And we gladly take on the job of designing new trial tools as part of the solution. For example, we have moulded textile or woven band together with plastic components in the same in-line production process in the past.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are facing a challenge in connection with the embedment of metal components or other materials. No matter how impossible this may look at first.