Thermoforming. Infinite Opportunities in Both Form and Function

HN Group thermoforming

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HN Group has 5 production lines for thermoforming of packaging, blister packs, transport trays, inserts and the like.

Our expertise in the area extends both wide and deep and manifests itself, in particular, in connection with technical subjects where customers often tap into our in-house development and design competencies.

As a whole, our consulting, professional feedback and close cooperation with the customers' marketing, development and production people is the focal point and basis for HN Group's strong position on the market.

Packaging Catalog

See our already developed packaging types at this pdf link
The production tool is already in place - so you don't have to think about manufacturing production tools. We manufacture your packaging based on your order, and this typically takes 15-20 business days.
If you can use one or more of these packages, do not hesitate to contact us.

Samples in No Time

Our in-house design department and our strong competencies in 3D CAD design enable us to deliver SLS models, sample moulds and ready samples in a very short time. This means that the process from idea to serial production and delivery can be shortened to a minimum.


We supply thermoformed products to customers in a number of industries, including medical equipment, food products, toys, hi-fi and electronics.

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