Innovation. We Help You Navigate the Ocean Blue... And Red!

Whether plastic plays a major or only minor part in your product range, you could benefit noticeably from targeted work on the development and optimization of your plastic use – whether it comes to design, product properties, finish, quality, environment, time-to-market or economy.

At HN Group, you will get qualified and professional feedback on plastic and your company's R&D processes. We take gladly part in both large and small customer projects and have contributed to a number of well-known companies in, e.g. the medical equipment and toy industry with know-how and technology to nothing less than sensational results. Our contributions have extended to both blue ocean innovation as well as product and cost optimization for companies operating on more generic markets – i.e. in the "red" ocean.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about how HN Group can become a valuable asset in your company's innovation and product development.