Post-Processing. Perfect Products with a Perfect Finish

At HN Group, we are full-line suppliers of both plastic and perfection. This means that you can have your parts post-processed, as necessary.

We offer, e.g.

  • heat-stamped text
  • labels
  • ultrasound welding
  • retrofitting
  • etc.

In large jobs, post-processing is typically automated in a robotised process. Minor post-processing can be done manually – yet still with a full, never-wavering focus on time, quality and price.

Good Advice Is Not Expensive. It Is Free

One thing that sets us apart from the others as a comprehensive partner is our extensive know-how in plastic types and production processes. This is why you are always welcome to pick our brains – preferably as early in the development project as possible. Our offer also stands if you need professional feedback on the post-processing of your plastic parts.