2K and 3K. Several Components. One Process

At HN Group, we have the expertise and technology to mould parts made of two or three different components – in one and the same production process.

The technology opens up a host of new opportunities for companies with a focus on product innovation, time to market and cost optimisation.

Multi-component moulding makes it possible to use two or three different types of plastic with widely divergent properties in the same part. The technology can also be used for plastic parts made of two or three components, each of which with its own colour. This is an attractive option, e.g. for toy manufacturers as it normally reduces both production times and associated costs.


We have a number of different technologies and processes at our disposal for 2K / 3K production. For example, we have robotised facilities where the process is fully automated from A to Z.

In other cases, it makes better sense to manage the make-up of the different components manually. A process we also handle to perfection.

In other words, you can be certain that your 2K and 3K production will always have the optimum outcome when it comes to time, quality as well as cost.

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