Injection-Moulded Plastic Solutions. Low weight. Long life. Infinite Opportunities

Injection-moulded plastic components can be incorporated with advantage into a number of energy-related products. And there are more and more areas and cases where it makes sense to replace metal and other materials with injection-moulded plastic – which proves superior whether it comes to product properties, quality, life span or financial parameters.

For many years, we at HN Group have supplied both plastic components and competitiveness to customers in the area of, e.g.:

  • Water metering
  • Gas metering
  • Control technology
  • Solar cells
  • Wind turbines (onshore and offshore)

We also have a number of successful business cases where the focal point is on complex materials designed to be used in contact with water – and which are therefore subject to special requirements when it comes to properties, quality, drinking water approvals, migration and environment.

Whatever challenge comes your way or whatever the nature of the job, HN Group can guarantee you perfection in even the smallest of details – from consulting to delivery.

Consulting and Feedback

If you need consulting in or competent feedback on materials , production method, post-processing, moulding tools, design, function, etc., do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to sit down and have a chat with all relevant staff at your company. Preferably in the earliest R&D stages of the project.

No Order Is Too Small. Or Big

HN Group can do all types of orders:

  • Serial production (large volumes)
  • Small volumes with the shortest time to market (TTM) possible
  • Prototypes
  • Zero series
  • Trial tools
  • Post-processing of moulded parts

In addition to producing individual components in both small and large volumes, we are also specialised in more complex solutions, e.g.

  • advanced 2K and 3K pieces
  • embedment of components of, e.g. metal, brass, stainless steel and punched parts in one and the same production process

Are you confronted with a specific challenge? Or do you just want to know more about HN Group's know-how and competencies in injection-moulded plastic solutions for the Energy Sector? Get in touch with us to arrange an informal meeting, and we will take it from there!