Environment. It Is Not Enough for Us to Just Talk about It

HN Group has a continuous focus on optimising most parameters that have to do with our direct and indirect environmental impact. We focus, among other things, on the following areas:

  • Power consumption
  • Cooling water
  • Waste management
  • Material selection
  • Paper consumption

Low Power Consumption

We are working to minimise our power consumption by investing only in new and environmentally-friendly machinery with low power consumption. We are also working to systematically reduce power consumption wherever else possible in the company.

Recirculation of Cooling Water

All cooling water is recirculated in a closed system with integrated heat recovery. This leads to a significant reduction in power consumption at temperatures below 7°C.

Waste Management

Over the years, we have taken painstaking efforts to create an efficient waste management system, with as much recycling and environmentally-friendly disposal as possible. This means, among other things, that all punching lattices (excess plastic foil) from thermo production are pressed into balls and sent for reworking. The same applies to plastic sacks for granules and other materials.

Operation Clean Sweep

In 2014, we joined the international Operation Clean Sweep initiative. By participating, we undertake to make an active effort to prevent raw materials from our production from ending up in the ocean.

In practical terms, our accession to Operation Clean Sweep has led to the introduction of much finer sorting of our waste, with a number of well defined categories. This prevents, to the extent possible, spilt or excess plastic granules from ending up in our drain and through the sewers on to the aquatic environment.

As an additional Clean Sweep measure we have established an extra focus on preventing transport accidents in our goods reception department. This type of accidents normally lead to spills of plastic raw materials to the detriment of the environment.

Environmentally-Friendly Material Selection

All printed materials at HN Group are produced, wherever possible, on FSC-marked paper.

Email Rather Than Paper

We are making an active effort to minimise the use of paper in both our external and internal communication, and we avoid, to the extent possible, printing emails and similar.

You are always welcome to contact us, if you would like to know more about HN Group's different environmental protection initiatives.