Thermoformed Plastic Solutions for the Energy Industry. Shaped to Perfection in Every Single Detail

Thermoformed plastic components can be incorporated, at many levels, into a number of energy-related products. Foil types with new properties are being developed all the time, which therefore opens up endless possibilities for meeting specific needs.

At HN Group, we produce thermoformed elements for many different purposes, for example, diverse shielding for converters in the solar cell industry.

Improved Production Flow

One of our core competencies is the development and production of thermoformed transport trays for external transportation of products and sub-components in a production flow.

In line with the increasing degree of automation, transport trays add decisive value because in addition to protecting components during transport, they also ensure that each individual sub-component is positioned with millimetre precision. This prevents costly stoppages in robotised production lines.

Consulting and Custom Designs

Our experienced specialists always stand at your service with advice and recommendations about foil types, form, function and production optimisation. At the same time, we provide assistance with designing and building the exact thermoformed product that fits your company's needs... like a glove – with perfect precision!

If you would like to know more about the host of opportunities thermoformed plastic products can offer the energy sector, do not hesitate to contact us.