Mission & Vision


  • We manufacture products in the areas of injection moulding and thermoforming in both small and large series.
  • We manufacture trial tools in aluminium for development projects and smaller series where a short Time to Market (TTM) is a must.
  • We manufacture complete tools in aluminium or steel.
  • We provide a high degree of innovation, service, presence and quality and give all of our customers good reasons to remain customers of HN Group A/S.
  • We wish to be competitive in more ways than just price. This obliges us to maintain our innovative view of any problem that may be presented to us by our customers and their needs.


  • Our vision is to build on our position and reputation in the market as a competent and serious subcontractor through innovation, service, presence and quality.
  • Our sales and marketing efforts shall create continuous growth for our 4 main areas of competence throughout Europe:

1. Thermoforming

  • Packaging for the food industry
  • Transport packaging, box inserts, display packaging
  • Development and production of extremely complex parts
  • Innovative solutions through in-house parts design and development

2. Injection moulding

  • Multi-component moulding
  • Embedment and recasting of metal
  • In-line post processing of the injection moulded products
  • Moulding of larger series on automatic packing lines
  • High degree of automation

3. Prototype & low volume production:

  • Multi-component moulding
  • Embedment and recasting of metal
  • Production of small series and 0 series
  • Production of prototypes
  • Time to Market (TTM) projects

4. Tool production department

  • With short delivery times, to produce trial tools and deliver 0-series and Time to Market (TTM) deliveries
  • Competitive tool solutions through our master mould concept
  • Competitive production tools in steel or aluminium
  • Parts design and innovative solution proposals