Thermoformed Medical Equipment Packaging. Quality Control. Every Step of the Way

HN Group has plenty of experience in supplying injection-moulded and thermoformed plastic components to the medical equipment industry, including as a supplier to a number of the leading companies in the world.

In the area of thermoforming, we supply, among other things, advanced solutions in the form of transport trays for internal/external transport and production lines involving Pick & Place robots. Most solutions are developed from scratch to match and meet specific customer needs, e.g. for securing products, ensuring proper stacking, etc.

We also deliver blister packs, inserts for cardboard boxes and other packaging products of high, uniform quality and in the exact materials and colours of your choosing.

Quality Control

As a supplier to the medical equipment industry, we are subject to strict quality requirements. Our lean production setup, effective internal control and sharp focus on traceability ensures that we can live up to these requirements at all times – and that we can also provide all documentation required for this. On time.

If necessary, we also have experience in implementing customised quality procedures in connection with any given task.

Consulting and Feedback

Our year-long experience in plastic components, packaging, inserts and other materials for the medical equipment industry enables us to give consulting to our customers as early as a project's development and planning stage where our advice and feedback normally also give the most added value.

Bring us in at the early stages of your next project to reap as many benefits as possible from our involvement!

Contact us if you want to hear more about thermoformed packaging for the medical equipment industry.