Thermoformed Packaging Solutions. Approved for Direct Food Contact

HN Group has year-long experience in the development and production of thermoformed foil trays and other thermoformed packaging for the food industry.

Thanks to our effective cleaning procedures, handling of raw materials, in-house control and labelling, we have been awarded and have maintained – since 2005 –an Happy Smiley by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. You can therefore safely entrust us with the production all of your thermoformed products that need to be in direct contact with food products, which also leads to special requirements for them, e.g. in connection with migration.

Inserts for Confectionery Boxes, etc.

In addition to foil trays, e.g. for fresh meat, we supply a large number of other therformed products for the food industry, including customised box inserts and specially designed trays for confectionery packaging.

Consulting and Custom Designs

Do not hesitate to pick the brains of our experienced specialists when it comes to foil types, design or quality. Thanks to our in-house design unit, we can develop tailored designs to exactly suit your needs – whether the decisive parameter is colour, design (including stamp), plate thickness, top foil welding properties or stacking properties.

If you would like to know more about the host of opportunities thermoformed plastic products can offer the food industry, do not hesitate to contact us.