Injection-Moulded Solutions for the Food Industry. Plastic for Improvement. Also of Your Bottom Line

Injection-moulded plastic components are increasingly gaining a foothold in the food industry. And it is worth noting that this foothold brings a marked improvement in both finances and product optimisation. The constant development in the properties of both plastic granules and ready components means that a large number of the metal components in the machinery used in the food industry can be replaced with advantage by corresponding components, but in plastic.

At HN Group, we are proud of being sub-suppliers to a number of famous producers of equipment for the food industry. In most cases, the choice falls on HN Group thanks to our unique combination of experience, know-how and competencies when it comes to the rather special requirements placed on products and production equipment which is in contact with foods.

For example, we conduct migration tests and take any other necessary measures to ensure that our customers can get the relevant approvals of their products. When, for example, Sanovo Foods A/S planned to establish a production unit in the USA, we contributed with important feedback in the two-year licensing process, which in the end resulted in an approval from the USDA (the U.S. veterinary and food administration authority) for the establishment of their first production facility.

Value-Adding Competent Feedback

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a machine or another product where you consider replacing a certain material with plastic components. Our plastic experts and toolmakers will make a valuable contribution to your project with know-how, best practice and creative ideas.

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