Congratulations to Martin S. Johansen

HN Group A/S celebrates newly qualified toolmaker

Martin Schnedler Johansen (on the left in the photo) has just completed his apprenticeship as a toolmaker at HN Group A/S.

HN Group A/S currently employs five apprentices, and Martin is a good example of how far diligence and skills can take you – he was awarded the top grade of 12 for both the theoretical and the practical part of his recent final exam.

“As a person, he is humble, curious, diligent and, above all, willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to get the perfect result,” says Tool Production Department Manager Ronni Kamp (on the right in the photo). “We’re extremely pleased that Martin has chosen to stay with HN Group A/S as a qualified toolmaker.” continues Ronni Kamp. 

HN Group A/S currently has 80 employees. The number of employees has grown steadily and in step with our development of the company through investments in technology, training and a strong employee culture. If you are interested in learning more about job opportunities and training at HN Group A/S, you can read more here.