New sales colleague at HN Group A/S

Meet our Sales Manager - Karsten Skovgaard Nielsen

With a background as a mechanical engineer, supplemented by business administration subjects in business economics, HN Group A/S has strengthened its sales organisation, and as of March, Karsten Skovgaard Nielsen has been appointed Sales Manager.

“The combination of technical and financial expertise enables me to understand the technical customer tasks we encounter, but just as much understand the commercial conditions that apply,” says Karsten Skovgaard Nielsen, and continues:

“There is no doubt that HN Group’s technical plastic and production knowledge has made the company what it is today. And we need to understand the customer’s needs and understand the context in which the products are part of. Of course, we have to deliver the workpiece to the customer, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Once we understand the context in which the products are part of, we can create additional value by delivering, for example, a pre-assembled product with print, which is also packaged correctly for the end-user.”

Karsten Skovgaard Nielsen says: “This is exactly what makes HN Group stand out as an incredibly exciting company. The amount of expertise is huge and every employee’s dedication to the work is inspiring.”

Plastic and Environment are on the agenda of the Plastic industry and at HN Group A/S. Together, we want to challenge the agenda, and we also want to assume co-responsibility for continuous environmentally sound production, as well as continued product development in new regenerated types of raw materials. On the environmental journey, it is stated that it is vital to listen to the customer’s needs and the context in which the products are part of.

“Most of our customers need to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising the product’s service life or mechanical properties,” says Karsten Skovgaard Nielsen, and continues:

“Therefore, it is crucial that you choose the right plastic partner so that you are sure to get the advice and guidance that suits the need and the wishes you want.”

Privately, Karsten Skovgaard Nielsen lives in Silkeborg.

HN Group A/S has 70 employees and supplies injection moulded and thermoformed plastic workpieces to the industrial sector in Denmark and the rest of Europe. The customers come from many different sectors, e.g. medico, food products, toys, electronics, hi-fi, cars, wind turbines, solar cells and gas and water engineering.

Karsten Skovgaard Nielsen can be contacted on Tel. +45 23 41 52 05 | ksn(at)