Full-time quality!

Meet our Quality Manager - Ronni Kamp

Our Quality Department meets a significantly increasing need to document our quality. Primarily borne by customer requirements for both product and documentation related tasks. We are experiencing an increasing need to document in connection with development processes, as well as subsequent production.

HN Group A/S has decided that our longtime colleague Ronni Kamp, who has extensive experience from our customer relations and production facilities, will in future spend his entire working day on quality and documentation as Quality Manager at HN Group A/S.

“We need to be one of the front-runners in our industry. We need to increase our product quality, and thereby continue to be able to deliver at a higher level to our customers,” says Ronni Kamp, and continues:
“Many of our customers operate their business in accordance with ISO standards and certificates. However, an ISO certificate is just a piece of paper if it’s not incorporated in day-to-day operations, and at HN Group A/S, these roles are deeply rooted in all the employees. In an attempt to get a head start on customer demands and needs, we at HN Group A/S have just started a quality and development process of our employees to ensure that we can make independent and documented decisions in our work – a process I expect a lot from,” adds Ronni Kamp.

Privately, Ronni Kamp lives in Grindsted with his family.

HN Group A/S has 70 employees and supplies injection moulded and thermoformed plastic workpieces to the industrial sector in Denmark and the rest of Europe. The customers come from many different sectors, e.g. medico, food products, toys, electronics, hi-fi, cars, wind turbines, solar cells and gas and water engineering.
Ronni Kamp can be contacted on Tel. +45 40 70 01 53 | rk(at)hngroup.dk