Prototype tool in a few days!

Fast testing – fast delivery.

If an SLA or SLS model isn’t quite enough to test your idea, then the HN Group’s prototype tool can be the perfect alternative!

The short delivery time from the workpiece model STL file can help shorten your time from idea to product.  
We work primarily in aluminium and brass, which means a short machining time that enables you to complete your workpiece quickly.  Depending on the type of plastics and the complexity of the workpiece, you can typically have a finished prototype in your hands within 10 days.

In addition to ultra-short delivery times, we can also offer you 3D scanning and measuring of workpieces, systematic commissioning of the mould, PPAP documentation and more.

Call or write us for more information – contact Ronni Kamp, who manages our Workshop Department | Tel. + 45 4070 0153 | rk(at)