New CEO of HN Group A/S

Henrik Fomsgaard-Knudsen has taken over the responsibility for HN Group

In 2020, a new professional board of directors was appointed for HN Group A/S consisting of competent business people who are to participate in a strong development of the business.

In this connection, Henrik Nicolajsen, the owner of HN Group A/S, has chosen to continue his work from the boardroom, and he has therefore passed the baton to Henrik Fomsgaard-Knudsen, who has been appointed as the new CEO of HN Group A/S.

Henrik Fomsgaard-Knudsen has worked with development and growth of technically competent businesses, and for the past 12 years primarily in pharma-related sectors.

"I have worked in several different sectors – and the task is often the same. It has always been a matter of understanding the customers, generating awareness of the business where I was in charge, and then uniting the two elements", says Henrik Fomsgaard-Knudsen.

Henrik Fomsgaard-Knudsen joined HN Group A/S in December 2020, and in a relatively short time he has created a clear focus on the value chain and core services.

"HN Group is an incredibly exciting business – driven by competent, dedicated and agile employees. Our role as a manufacturer for the OEM market is undergoing change. It is no longer enough to produce tools and plastic workpieces – we also have to assume responsibility for everything included in the delivery", says Henrik Fomsgaard-Knudsen, and continues:

"HN Group A/S must increase the rate of completion of the products – among other things in relation to printing, assembly, packaging etc. – something we have been doing for some customers for years, but perhaps not made a great fuss about."

"Many of our customers operate their business in accordance with ISO standards and certificates – however, an ISO certificate is just a piece of paper if it is not incorporated in day-to-day operations – at HN Group A/S these roles are deeply rooted in all the employees.  The same applies to our 3D scanner, which is integrated as a natural element in the quality measurements for customers with this particular need – and is not just a fancy box sitting in the corner."

HN Group A/S has 70 employees and supplies injection moulded and thermoformed plastic workpieces to the industrial sector in Denmark and the rest of Europe. The customers come from many different sectors, e.g. medico, food products, toys, electronics, hi-fi, cars, wind turbines, solar cells and gas and water engineering.

Henrik Fomsgaard-Knudsen can be contacted on tel. +45 2161 3520 | hfk(at)