HN Group produces 700,000 face shields a week

From idea to finished product in 10 days.

“Just four weeks ago, we knew nothing about this demand, and from the moment when our sales director came up with the idea, using scissors and paper, a lot of people have worked extremely hard to keep up with the demand,” says CEO Henrik Nicolajsen from HN Group A/S in Billund.

Speed is key
It took just 10 days from when the idea was presented until the first face shield was produced. From early May, HN Group A/S will open another face shield production line, thereby tripling the production volume to a total of 700,000 per week.  
“The face shield is quick and inexpensive for us to produce, making it possible to meet the great demand we’re experiencing. The need for face shields has expanded from primary healthcare staff in hospitals to the many exposed employees outside the hospitals who work in close contact with other people every single day,” elaborates Henrik Nicolajsen.

Denmark is helping Denmark – and the EU
The face shields are produced entirely in Denmark at HN Group A/S’s factory in Billund, and are distributed in a partnership with the sales company Hounisen Laboratory Equipment A/S. In addition to producing face shields for the Danish healthcare sector and service trades, the company can also supply face shields to neighbouring EU countries which need them. 

HN Group A/S is certified in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices. We specialise in technical plastic production in which we use injection moulding and thermoforming to produce technical items for industrial companies. In addition, we have built up extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
“The above partnership and pooled competences in production and distribution of protective devices are optimal, and we think it makes sense to continue as long as the demand is there,” says CEO Henrik Nicolajsen, HN Group A/S.
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