HN Group A/S attending a GPS course

Use of GPS tolerances ensures our quality objectives.

Use of GPS tolerances enables operational drawing objectives as well as accurate evaluations of measurement reports for workpieces. Currently, project managers, tool designers and the quality department participate in the further development of our GPS competencies. "The course will provide HN Group A/S with vital skills, and we see a clear need for optimum use of the GPS system," says Steen Nielsen, Production Manager.

The course is conducted by Jørgen Meinertz from Metrologic – "We see a huge interest in using GPS for quality management and objectives. In my experience, the two course days at HN Group A/S have both prepared the company's employees and created a solid foundation for working with drawing material as well as general integration of data from a wide range of measuring equipment," says Jørgen Meinertz.

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