Thermoformed Products for the Medical Equipment Industry Added Value to Your Supply Chain. And Your Product

Thermoformed plastic parts from HN Group can add value to companies in the medical equipment industry in several different areas. As a year-long supplier to the industry, we have developed quality solutions for

  • packaging (box inserts, blister packs, etc.)
  • transport trays for internal/external transport
  • production flow with Pick & Place robots

Our plastic experts have in-depth insight into and understanding of the special challenges the medical equipment industry is often confronted with, e.g. in connection with quality control, internal control and traceability. We can join your project at an early stage in order to contribute with knowledge and ensure professional feedback to your R&D, purchasing, production and marketing departments, as desired.

Our consulting can extend to areas such as

  • types of plastic
  • design
  • product properties
  • method of production

Transport Solutions for Production of Medical Equipment

At HN Group, we have year-long experience in the development and production of thermoformed transport trays for internal/external transport and production lines involving Pick & Place robots.

To live up to all requirements placed on product securing, stacking properties, shelf life, etc., the solutions are always tailored to the specific desires of the customers.

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Box Inserts and Other Packaging Solutions

Our thermoforming department is equipped with 5 high-tech production lines where we produce different packaging solutions for some of the leading medical equipment companies in the world. We supply, e.g. box inserts, display packaging and blister packs.

Our specialists in this area stand at your service with know-how, experience and value-adding professional feedback on materials, design, quality, properties, etc.

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If you would like to know more about the host of opportunities thermoformed plastic products offer the medical equipment industry, do not hesitate to contact us.